Kickstart your Career: How to Maximize Those Early Years

By Xiangrong Kong, Torri Simon, Andrew Spieker, Briana Stephenson, Lucy D’Agostino McGowan in Invited Panel

March 20, 2023


The transition from graduate school to navigate the unknowns of the job market is challenging for every new statistician. Proper training, efficient networking, and building a professional profile are some of the early initiatives to prepare graduate students for this change. Statisticians are trained in modeling and data analysis; however, the real-world job market requires skills beyond technical knowledge, including communication, presentation, leadership, and collaborative skills, as well as pitching one’s ideas and goals, and being able to advocate for oneself. As a group of emerging statisticians, CENS would like to fill this gap and invite early-career statisticians to discuss the unique challenges that early-career statisticians might face in a new work environment and how to deal with them. Our panel includes both academic and industry statisticians at the MS and PhD level, several of whom graduated in the last five years. Their valuable insights and mentoring guidance will be useful for newly-emerging statisticians to build a path to kickstart their careers achieving their goals.


March 20, 2023


3:45 PM – 5:30 PM


ENAR 2023