Communicating Complex Statistical Concepts to Collaborators, Stakeholders, and the General Public

Clear statistical communication is both an educational and public health priority. This session will focus on best practices for effective statistical communication that simultaneously is clear, engaging, and understandable while remaining rigorous and mathematically correct. The panelists have a range of experience with communicating complex statistical concepts to both technical and lay audiences via multiple communication mechanisms including podcasting, Twitter, engaging with journalists in print, and television correspondence on networks such as CNN and BBC. The session will begin with moderated questions posed by the organizer and then open the discussion to audience members.

Panel: Engaging Students during the COVID-19 Health Crisis

In this session we will discuss three different aspects of engaging students during the COVID-19 health crisis:

How do we engage students with a sensitive topic like COVID-19?
How do we engage students with COVID-19 data?
How do we engage students in a virtual environment?

R-Ladies Panel: Improving gender diversity in a male-dominated community

R-Ladies is a worldwide organization whose mission is to promote gender diversity in the R community. We are interested in presenting a panel of regional leaders in the R-Ladies movement. We will discuss topics such as diversity data in the R community, best practices for starting up a meetup in your own community, best practices for running and continued success of a meetup in your community, and funding opportunities. We will also diagnose different obstacles and discuss how we attack them, for example increasing women’s competence versus confidence versus recognition in the R community. Finally we will provide resources and details about how to get involved with local meetups.